Quantum Communication

Quantum Communication

Quantum key distribution
Our group is developing a 1xN plug and play QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) system and applying it to a field test bed for moving forward to commercialization. In addition, we are conducting research on the latest QKD implementation technologies such as MDI (Measurement Device Independent) and TF (Twin-field). Moreover, we are focusing on the development of QKD chip implemented with LiNbO3 material.
Quantum authentication and signature
We are researching quantum authentication and quantum signature technologies necessary for secure communication between quantum nodes in the future quantum internet era.
Quantum internet
In preparation for the upcoming quantum internet era, we are researching long distance quantum communication technology that connects quantum computing and quantum sensing nodes.
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    Byung Kwon Park, Min-Sung Kang, Min Ki Woo, Min Soo Lee, Sang-Wook Han and Sung Moon. Qcrypt