qc qsc qd

[Quantum Secure Communication]

1xn QKD network

  • Self-stabilization plug and play quantum key distribution system
  • Countermeasure for quantum hacking
  • Single photon detector with InGaAs/InP APDs
  • Plug and play MDI protocol
  • Free space QKD

  • Reference frame independent protocol
  • Security analysis for weak measurement attack
  • Quantum authentication

  • Quantum message authentication
  • [Quantum Computing]

    Integrated quantum photonics in diamond

  • Single photon source
  • Cavity enhanced SPDC

  • Non-degenerated SPDC (737nm + 1489nm)
  • Fundamentals of quantum information

  • Quantum discord
  • [Quantum Device]

    InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode for single photon detection